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Hi dad ,
    How r u ? I am fine . Dont worry about us here. I am fine here  and  am studying for my exams .We are all in gnan here  . Mom is all fine here and were getting along very well .We are all happy and waiting for your arrival to India  .I personally feel  that you should go  Lonawala because it is a very pleasure-giving experience .Every one says that on that land nirumas speech is the most divine and heart touching .The land itself is extrordinarily holy .So i feel that you should go to get a change from your routine life .If you go i will feel that i too have gone there ,though my presence will not be there .
You should not worry too much about us here .We are all in gnan and are getting along perfectly and i am studying for my exams . "Life is a boon from Him ,so enjoy it .Not pass it or live it ." I  feel this in my mind. . . . . . it is very good if one can understand its moral escence .You should live without worries,as they are the curses of life .In the above saying ,the writter tells us that we should live a happy , worry-free ,independant life .Life is something that god has given to us as a boon .If we live it happily we can experience it as a boon ,but if we live it in worries we feel it as the greatest curse.It depends on us how we live our life.We are the sole controllers of our emotions ,so why let the emotions waver when we can make them steady ?Why worry when the choice to worry or not is in our hands?Why live a misersable life when we have the privelage to live a cheerful life is given to us ?Some people say "We just want to pass our life  without hurting anyone by ......" ,but do you think that we should just  pass  our life?no . i feel that one should enjoy the happiness of living . I  hope u can get my point clearly and try to take it to your mind positively." Quarrel and love are the two sides of a coin .One does not come without the other.It is only us that do the partiallity." After  thinking alot about our problems-mine and hers- i took out the above solution.So now i am doing fine with her .Dont get tensed about it because my habit of research on my feelings will never let me fall, what ever i may say,the research will help me to stand sturdy in the blizzards of life .If i tell u that .....about mom ,dont take it seriously because it is only the coir of  a coconut .The water is very sweet.You should taste the water not the coirs.From now on keep in mind that i dont say what i feel but some thing just the opposite.OK? And you should not worry too much about us here.If you worry then i will be more tensed,and my mind will get confused.You should listen to my complaints with 1 ear and take them out the  other      .              
   Mom will go to bombay tommorrow i.e. the night of 31 over here.I will be at latika ben 's house for 1 day and then at DADADARSHAN .Latikaben's  phone no. is 6441723.
Bye and if u want to call me u can feel free.

Your one and only -The Greatest - Misssssss......... Anvi.!!! (applaude)   "Thank you, Thank you. " ha ha ha ha .....Bye...ha hee hee hee hee .....see you ....I LOVE YOU. . . . ............ho ho ho ho.......................................i love you!!!