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Hi my dear daddy ,
    How are you there ? I'm sure you are fine and fit as a fiddle! So how is your  packing for India coming along ? Did you ask dinufui to help you or not ? dont make the bags so heavy that ypu cant carry  them! Be sure to wrap the electronics thickly .Make a list of the things you put in the bags so we can know if anything is stollen or not.As you know now a days the airlines people do stealing work also !
We got my exam dates yesterday .Now it is surely on 4th of september .It ends on the 9th of september .The first exam is english ,then sanskrit ,then on the next day we
have hindi,then science ,social study,maths (on the 8th -friday )and last is gujarati .Now the bharat sarkaar has made the passing percentage to 40% instead of 35%,so all the kids are tensed.
  Every one is enquiring about your arrival ,tune to sabka dil jeet liya hai ,bhai! So do you want to go to lonawla or not ? please tell me fast.........!!!! Well actually I'm not letting mom go so you can go if you wish to .
 See you later .I gotta go study .Bye
                                                                                                                                           Your daughter,